What is Faith?

Faith, to this paratrooper, is stepping out a door, 1,250 feet above ground, and believing that the Rigger that packed your chute, did it just right.
Faith to this Infantryman, is believing that your fire team, your squad, your platoon would take the fight to the enemy right beside you.
Faith to this HUEY Crew Chief, is believing that your maintenance of the aircraft will let it bring you back to base after the mission.
Faith is where you find it, and once you truly know the "feel" of Faith, you will never doubt it again.
Joining the Army and  becoming an Infantry Paratrooper, (And later becoming a "Crew Chief"), was the single biggest thing that shaped me for the rest of my life.  Airborne School, and all that it opened up to me, let me truly know "The Feel of Faith".


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